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Alcohol Licensing

We help our clients apply for all types of alcohol licences.

It doesn’t matter if your application for an alcohol licence was rejected. Through our assistance, many of these clients’ applications were successfully approved.

We are very good at handling complex and difficult alcohol licensing applications.We can provide professional analysis and evaluation for individual case and offer problem solving options.

Our services include:

– All types of alcohol licensing applications and renewals

– Manager’s Certificate applications and renewals

– LCQ course enrolment

– Outdoor dining licensing applications

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Food Business Registration

To operate a food business, a business registration certificate is required.

If an operator wishes to obtain a certificate, please contact us.

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Food Safety

Food safety practices are very important to the health and safety of the community.

In order to minimize the possible serious impact on the community health and safety and for the best economic benefits for the operator itself,

they must ensure that the relevant food safety standards and requirements are met

Council’s environmental health officer will verify and supervise the operator’s compliance on food controls.

If the operator needs any help on verification, please contact us.

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